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You may have up to nine different options per account, each of these options will have a prompt, for example, to hear our opening hours, press one. And it will have a message which is played back to the listener when they have selected that phone menu option.

These messages can either be recorded in your browser or you can upload them as a file, audio or video file, and also these messages can be created dynamically through live streaming events.

If you select an event to have a destination as the phone line. When somebody dials in and the event is live, they will hear the live audio. After the event has completed, we will take the audio recording of that event and place it there under that phone menu option. Therefore, you do not need to re upload audio from live streamed events. To create a new phone menu option, select add new option. You will then be asked what type of audio will be uploaded, you can have recorded and live media donations, music and voice mail, some features are still being worked on and will be released in the future.

You will find an announcement once these features have been released. Selecting next will allow you to give a name to the phone menu option. Below that, you can select which extension number you wish, each account can have up to nine different extension numbers. On the next page, you will be asked to record the prompt, we have a suggestion written for you here that will allow you to prepare a script.

When you already tap on record and when you are a complete tap on stop. To listen to our opening times and current covid restrictions, please press one. Now, you can listen back to the audio to verify that it covers everything you need and that it's clear and if you want, you can rerecord the audio again. Selecting next. We'll then ask you what audio file you want to be played when somebody has selected that prompt. Again, you can select from recording audio in the browser, choosing a file from your recordings that already exist in your media folder or uploading a new audio file.

For this example here, we will simply record new audio, if you choose to record new audio, you can record up to 30 minutes worth of audio.

We do, however, suggest to do a short recording of a minute or so and then go back and listen to the audio, ensure all of the audio is going through clear and correctly. And once you have verified that the audio is going through correctly, then you can repeat the recording and do your full length audio. Just starting off and doing a 30 minute recording, only to discover that there was something covering the microphone on your device will be extremely upsetting and may discourage you from using the phone system.

Therefore, we highly encourage always to test things before you commit to doing full recordings or false dreamings.

This is just some demo audio for our opening times, we are open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. through to 10:00 a.m. and in the afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and we are available for a cup of tea.

If you have concerns about the current covid situation, please note that we have alcohol gel at the entrances and all seats are located two metres apart.

If you only have one phone menu option, then we will skip the prompt for the first phone menu option and we will directly play the audio.

There is a notice in your account about this, and if you wish to have multiple options, then this will not be applied to you. Many of our customers have various different phone menu options for different things, such as a message of the day or week, a simple prayer. A passage from the Bible or more information about any activities that they may have, it is entirely up to you how many options or what kind of options you wish. And remember that when creating an event for live streaming, you can select a different phone menu, options to live stream to.

This will mean, then, that you can have a phone menu option for your Sunday service, a separate phone menu option for the Bible reading of the week, and a third option for a prayer of the week. Each of these you can stream to them and they will be registered separately in the phone menu system. For more hints and tips on what you can do with the phone line, please check out our articles listed below.

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