Welcome Message

The Faith Online phone line service works in the similar way to a voice menu option. First, you create a welcome message.

Simply click, add welcome message and you can either upload a file, choose a file that has already been uploaded to your media library or record some new audio directly from your browser. You will need to give the file a name. And you may receive a pop up to ask for microphone permissions, simply click allow when you already tap on the record button, record your message and then tap on stop once it's complete.

Hello and welcome to this demo phone line service. Here you can listen to your audio message once again. Or you can rerecord if you wish. Please note, this is just the welcome message, we suggest a message less than 10 seconds long, just saying hello and welcome to the name of the church.

Once you are done, click save. The audio file will now be uploaded to our servers and will be processed for use in the phone menu system.

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