Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms in Faith Online allows you to take connecting with your congregation another step further. Meeting rooms work on the similar basis to many meeting room platforms allowing video conference calls to be done on the platform. During a live stream, we will display a video player in the meeting room allowing members of your congregation who are attending the meeting to also watch the livestream. As the moderator or as the holder of the Faith Online account, you can join the meeting room at any time and you will be given additional permissions.

To join a meeting, select meetings from the menu in your account, if you do not have a meeting scheduled, you will be asked to create a new event. If you have an upcoming one, it will be displayed automatically for you by selecting the event.

You will be taken to the event details page on here as a moderator, you can select start a meeting. This will open up a new page where you can then confirm your username and you can select joint meeting. You will immediately be granted moderator rights, this allows you to mute unmuted and kick people from the room. Other people may join the meeting room and everybody can mute their microphone and start to speak as well as start or stop the camera. To the left hand side is a chat box where you can type chat messages.

And next to that is screen sharing, where you will be able to share either a screen or a tab or a specific application window. You can also raise or lower your hand, and this will be displayed in the preview windows in the upper right hand corner. You can also view more actions, and in here you can change various settings related to the room, such as muting everybody. Starting a recording viewing in full screen or managing the call quality.

You can also set a password for a room. This means that anybody who joins will need to enter the password before they are allowed in. This is particularly useful if you want to ensure that nobody else enters the room other than people who are authorized to, but remember, if you create an event and mock it as a private event, the only way for people to have the links to the YouTube video or indeed the meeting room is if you explicitly give them the link to the public page.

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