Media Storage

Managing your media files and Faith Online is a necessary step to ensure that you do not run out of space.

We record every single live stream that you do through Faith Online, so occasional maintenance of your files is a necessary step. Depending on your plan, you could have anywhere up to 100 gigabytes of storage in your Faith Online media library. Anything contained within your media library can be used for the phone menu option or can also be embedded in other websites. We suggest regularly logging into your media library and ensuring to clear out any old videos or any old data that is stored there to do so, simply log into your Faith Online account and select media from the option.

There you can find all of the media options that are currently in your account, you can either download the files locally to your computer, you can quickly edit them, renaming them, or indeed, you can also delete them. If a media file is currently being used in the phone menu option, you will see a tag next to it indicating which phone menu option it is currently used with. Please be careful when editing or deleting these files as this may affect the function of your phone menu option.

You can also create a new folder. And then upload files to that location. You will need to give a name to your file. And either click to upload by selecting a file or drag and drop a file to this location. Please do not leave the screen until the file has been uploaded and has been processed by Faith Online, so long as the file is processing, the file will not be saved correctly to your account.

When it is ready. You will see where it says uploaded file with the name of the file and you will be able then to save this file.

We will then do an additional step of processing the file to ensure that it's ready to be used in the Faith Online system.

At the bottom of your media library, you will find the total amount of files and folders stored in there, as well as your current storage usage versus your allowance if you need additional storage to store other files. Please let us know and we will do our best to extend your storage devices. But please note that there may be an additional charge depending on how much additional storage you require.

If you want to get a recording of any previous live streams or events that you have streamed through Faith Online, you can always come to your media folder, find the file, which will have the name of the event, followed by the date and time of the event and then recording and here then you can download the file as either a video file or an audio file, and you can save it locally to your computer for editing the file for any additional uses that you may have.

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