Managing Attendees

If somebody has registered for an event, they will be shown under the attendees tab for that specific event. Coming to the attendees tab, you can see who has been invited, which you can do by email. You can see who has registered by filling in the form, including their contact details. How many attendees are in the group? Who is on the waiting list and who has been approved? You can also search for somebody by typing in their name.

Or you can also invite somebody else or manually add them. All people will be defaulted to being interested in the event, and it is up to you to either move them to the waiting list or approve them for the event. If you approve them for the event, they will be shown under the approved column and your total count will be reduced. Anybody who has been approved or moved to the waiting list will receive an email with information about their status.

You can also alert everybody who is registered by sending them a message. And you can also download a report which will be emailed to you with everybody who attended. On the day, if you wish to check people in and out, you can simply open up the attendees tab, move over to approved and then you can check somebody in. And when they have left, you can check them out again. This will register timestamps in the Faith Online system of who arrived when and when did they leave.

This allows you to have full track and trace of the people who come and enter the church or the people who want to visit.

You can also customize the email notifications that members of your congregation will receive.

Here you can put in the text that you wish to send to them if they have been approved. And text, if they have been declined, please note that these messages will apply to everybody and you can't customize these messages on a per person basis. If you wish to approve or disapprove a person and send them a custom message, we suggest sending them an email via the email address that they registered with or calling them up on the phone to explain why they have been approved or disapproved.

To remove somebody from the approval list, simply click on the icon next to their name. And they will be completely removed from this event.

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