In Person Events

Faith Online allows you to track the in-person attendance for your events happening in your buildings to do that when creating a new event, ensure you select the in-person attendance as one of the destinations.

When you have selected this option, you can set your capacity limit for that event. You can also set when registration closes, how far ahead of the event and confirm the address for the event. The in attendance destination is not exclusive, and it can be added on to any event that you create in order for people to register for the event, they must be given the link to the public page for that event.

When a member of your congregation visits an event page that has in-person attendance selected as a destination, they will be able to register for the event. They will simply need to enter in their name. Enter in a valid phone number. And provide their email address. They may also select the number of additional people who will be attending in their group. Additional people will be counted towards the total capacity of your church if you have already received enough registrants to fill your capacity.

People will be asked to join the waiting list with their additional people.

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