Public Pages

Each event has its own public page, you can share this page freely with your congregation through Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, your newsletter, your website or any other way. This page will display all of the information about the event, such as the title, when it's due to start and a description of the event. If you have an agenda for the event. Feel free to enter it into the event description.

Further down on the page, they will be able to watch the video on YouTube or Facebook, if that has been activated, they can join the meeting. If that was set as a destination, they can also see what the phone number and phone menu option is for that event and any other destinations. We will also play the live stream on this page directly. When you are live, the text here will be replaced with a video player showing the live stream.

This means that your congregation don't necessarily need to use Facebook or YouTube and could, in fact, watch the live stream directly via Faith Online. Every organization has a public page on Faith Online, the public page will show all upcoming events on the Faith Online platform for your organization. You can freely share this page with your congregation, which will allow them to come through and filter different views to see which events are coming up when.

The more events you preschedule in Faith Online, the easier it will be for them to plan their week and ensure that they are available to attend. Any additional information that you add into the organization profile will also be shown on this page. People do not need to log in or sign in to view this page, and they do not need to sign in to view any events simply by clicking on an event. Members of your congregation can view all the details and information about that event, including how to attend, as well as for them to share the event themselves on various other platforms.

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