Public vs Private Events

The next option is for private events by creating a private event, we remove it from being in the public view of both YouTube and the Faith Online platform when creating a private event. There are limited destinations to ensure that only the correct people can view the event.

Currently, private events are only supported for YouTube streaming and Faith Online streaming using the Faith Online public pages or the Faith Online embedded Pel-Air. People can watch the live streams from private event by visiting the correct pages or the correct links. Facebook does not support private events, therefore we do not support private events streaming to Facebook.

A great example of private events would be for weddings or funerals or other private family events. This way, you can share a specific link with the family for them to log in and watch and nobody else from the general public will be able to see that stream.

For most events, we suggest leaving them as a public event. This will enable re streaming to all of the various destinations and enabled you to get the maximum number of viewers to your event.

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