Creative Ways to Book Events

With a booking tool that helps you manage your in-person attendance, you can be sure to follow the latest NHS and government regulations around space management while also keeping an accurate record of your in-person attendance. 

Since limitations on venue spaces are effect for the foreseeable future, here's a few ways you can use event booking to offer programming for your congregation.

Book One-on-One Prayers, Confessions, or Meetings

Using the booking tool, you could create multiple time slots per day that allow your parishioners to register to meet with you or another member of your leadership team. We've seen everything from drive-through confessions to personal prayer meetings used this way. 

The key to this is setting your attendance to 1.

We recommend you set several events up in your calendar at once and then sharing out the offerings with your congregation in one email so users can pick a time slot that works for them. 

Host Small Groups In-Person and Online

If your small group wants an opportunity to select between in-person and online conferencing, you can set an event that permits both the booking and meetings app. This way you ensure the entire group can participate in an interactive conversation. These events can be set as private or public, depending on if your small group is open to new attendees. To set up a small group meeting:

1. Create a new event and decide if it is private or public

2. Set the event to Online Meetings and In-Person Event

3. Share your event details with your desired attendees.

When it's time for the meeting to start, you can host your online attendees in the meeting. With two-way conversation and screen sharing, you can offer an interactive experience between those in-person and those logging in remote.

Host Private Life Events

Since you have the opportunity to host any event as private, this means you can use your venue for life events using the same booking features. Currently in-person attendance to life events such as weddings and funerals have specific size limitations - so make sure to check the latest government advisory. You can allow the families who are using your venue for these life events to share the private links in their invitation attendees to your space. 

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