3 Ways to End Your Service with a Call to Action

Ending your digital services is a bit of a different experience for the online viewer. In person, the familar shuffle from the pews to meet for a few moments with your fellow parishioners and check in with church leadership is completely missing. 

So how do you create a more personalized end to your service?

Instead of turning the camera off right immediately at the end of the blessing, take a moment to acknowledge your online attendees. You can do this by speaking directly to the camera and offering a call to action. 

Pose a “Question of the Week” 

Give people something to think about as they go away. Not only does this makes the transition from worship into daily life a little more natural, but it also gives your attendees something to actively think on and respond to. Making the question introspective is excellent for those who want to simply carry the thoughts you share with them throughout the week. But, you can also make the question more actionable. Later in the week, you could use your social media to actively ask or poll attendees about the question and see what kind of responses you get. 

Challenge Them With an Inspirational Activity

The thing about people is they all have different triggers. Whereas the congregant in the scenario above will love an opporttunity to go introspective, others will want something tangible. So once a month you could encourage your parishioners to do something. Show love to a family member or do a craft of activity that they can then show off and share with you on your social media pages. If you have an active onliine community, you could even consider creating a unique hashtag for your monthly acts and activites.

Not sure what kind of activity to offer a diverse group? Consider how widely excited communities across the globe were to put rainbows on their windows as a sign of hope in the beginning of the pandemic. These rainbows were simple, didn't require real artistic ability, and allowed people to feel like a part of a community going through something together. 

Offer an Opportunity to Connect

Sometimes your parishioners need more, but don't know how to ask for it. By offering an invitation to personally connect with those who need comfort or support at the end of your service you can help bridge the gap they are feeling while disconnected. 

1. Verbally offer an opportunity connect and inviiite your parshioners to email or call you directly

2. Share a survey in your chat to see who would like to connect for the week.

Based on the responses and your churches COVID response protocols, you can offer one-on-ones in our event meetings tools or use the booking tool to invite these parishioners to meet you in person. 

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