Tips for Engagement on Live Streams

A live stream isn't just about delivering your usual service via video broadcast. It's also about creating an opportunity for your online parishioners to actively engage with your church leadership, either through sermons or worship or small groups.  

Even if you are completely online, you can lean on your real-world experiences to create opportunities for engagement in the digital realm. Here are some quick ways to improve your engagement that are based in our in-person experiences

  1. Have a dedicated team member or volunteer ready to greet attendees, answer questions, and share resources. Much as an usher or greeter in-person. these key members of your church community can use comments and chat to re-create the experience of having an indiidual on hand to help out.
  2. Create online forms to collect visitor information so you can follow up and connect with them after the service or event. This digital contact form makes it incredibly easy to collect your attendee information and find new ways to reach out beyond services.
  3. Actively Engage and ask questions – just because your audience is at home doesn’t mean they can’t respond. Even in you are live streaming one-way you can use your chat or polls to encourage responses and feedback.
  4. Start a few minutes early to allow people to log on and chat with one another. This is like the first 10-15 minutes before every church service where members of your congregation greet one another and catch up on the week.
  5. Add visuals and graphics that help break up the video and keep the eyes engaged as well as the ears and the heart. When you are in-person there is a lot more activity going on for the audience to see and interact with. When you are relying on the live stream to do this for the online attendee, you need to make the extra effort to provide them with visual stimulation. 
  6. Speak to the camera and make the person at home feel "seen" in the same way that you make eye contact with your congregants in person.
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