How to Live Stream a Daily Prayer

Church leaders know that prayer and Bible reading are key elements of spiritual growth. Right now, as members of your parish are disconnected and craving the space to share in praise and hear the Word, this daily habit can be like a lifeline. 

Your daily content should be short, simple, and easy to connect with. It’s an opportunity to connect to your congregation every single day. 

Prepare for Daily Streaming

A daily prayer could last from 10-30 minutes and the key to this recording is consistency. Broadcast or upload your daily prayer at the same time each day. You can also add words of encouragement to either pray along, say responses. (if you are using a Book of Common Prayer or similar).

Set up a Calming, Quiet Place

Unlike your Sunday Services, the daily call to prayer should feel more intimate. Whether you are sharing live video or a pre-recorded message, set yourself in a space that allows you to speak one-on-one to the camera which should feel more like one-on-one to each and every individual watching. 

With a wireless device like the Mevo, you can select any place in your church or home that you feel most comfortable in for prayer.

Plan Ahead with Two Weeks of Prayers

While prayer is not a new habit, a daily recorded prayer may be. So help yourself by setting time aside to plan your prayers and schedule time in your calendar to make sure you are sharing the content at the same consistent time each day. Pick a prayer time that works for your congregation based on your knowledge of your particular parish.

Decide if You Want to Pre-Record of Live Stream Your Prayer 

With our platform, you can choose to schedule daily live events or use the studio to pre-record your message.

Add a Daily Prayer to Your Phone Line

Enter the Name of Your Dial-In Option.

You’ll want to create a menu item for your phone line as well as add the daily prayer to your church’s event calendar. Select the extension you wish to use for this menu option, from 1-9.

Add Your Menu Option File

If you have pre-recorded this information you can upload the audio file. Or you can use the event calendar to create a daily live broadcast of your prayer.

Add Your Live Stream Menu Option

 You can record a live stream immediately from our Studio option without using our booking tool. If you plan to broadcast each daily prayer, we recommend you create events so your parishioners can sign up or receive social media alerts about your upcoming streams. You can use this booking tool to manage your in-person and video broadcasts alongside your  phone line.

To create an event:

1.Navigate to the Stream menu option and click Create an Event

2.Include all your event details, such as start time, name of event, and any additional descriptions. In the Event Description field you can add links to any materials that are helpful for your event, such as a link to a text.

From there Faith Online will automatically add your scheduled live stream to the dial in option for the moment when you set it go live.

Get the Word Out

Like your regular services, you can use all the tools at your disposal to make sure each and every member of your congregation knows how to connect. From using your digital presence--social media, website-- to even going so far as calling up your elderly or phone-only parishioners to know you have built a space for them to come and pray.

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