How to Live Stream a Wedding

For many, there is no replacement for getting married in a church. Live streaming is, perhaps, not a couple’s first choice for their wedding guest list. Yet offering this with your live streaming platform and tools presents an opportunity to include loved ones while adhering to current guidelines.

When your church is set up to accommodate a robust live streaming experience, it offers an opportunity to provide a needed service to your parish. Likewise, hosting such events is an opportunity to continue to use your venue to help maintain a regular source of income for your church.

Prepare for the Event 

In the weeks prior to the event, proper planning can help make sure everything runs smoothly. If you are providing the use of your live streaming equipment, you or your technical expert should be on hand to walk the grounds and determine camera placement and shot selection.

Identify Special Moments

As you prepare a meaningful and spiritual service for the union. If possible, this would be a great time to have a secondary on your team to move the camera as needed to capture the moment without interference. Knowing key moments that may require close up shots or an over the shoulder camera placement.

Define the Audience

A wedding you live stream to Facebook or YouTube is a public event. With Faith Online, you can set a YouTube event to private or restrict the stream to your Faith Online platform.

  1. Go to the Stream menu to create an event
  2. Set the date and time for the ceremony
  3. Fill in the details that will display on your public calendar
  4. This may be an instance where you want to select “Start with Stream Signal” as weddings may not always begin on the exact moment that is planned
  5. Select Private Event to restrict the URL to invited guests only.

6. Enter your venue details. If you are hosting the guest list for in-person attendees, set the limit to 

7. Select Stream to YouTube if you are planning to use the private streaming service

8. Share the details of your event with the couple by “inviting them” via email

To Stream a private event on the Faith Online platform only, select the Go to Studio button when it is time to go live with the wedding ceremony.

If at any point the couple decides they want to change the time or have changed their mind about streaming to YouTube, you can make updates in the event itself by clicking Edit Information.

Do a Live Stream Dress Rehearsal

Identify in advance the space to include for the live stream portion. Take and film shots of the planned procession. This can help you determine how to frame the shots and ensure that you have the necessary equipment to host potential indoor and outdoor filming.

Benefits of Faith Online Live Streaming Kit

WIth a Mevo camera and wireless mics, you can film a wedding unobtrusively to capture the moment. No matter where in the world guests are streaming, they will be able to see the lovely gown and hear the couple speak their holy vows. 

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