What to Put on Your Phone Line

With 9 unique 30-minute menu options for your church to use, you may wonder where to go beyond the regular Sunday services. Here’s a few ideas we’ve seen other churches explore or use to great effect.

Daily Prayers

We cover a more in-depth article of how to create a daily prayer cadence in this article. The long and short of it is a daily prayer is a wonderful opportunity to create regular content for your parishioners to connect with each day of the week. You may already offer a similar service based on your faith practice, and you can simply record and stream this offering. Or you can begin this practice as a new way to help your parishioners build their prayer practice.

Weekly Devotional 

You can rely on any of the amazing devotionals available to the public or create one unique for your parishioners to lead your callers through a season of devotion or reflection. Based on your congregation and leadership team, you could offer devotionals by age or gender or other relevant demographic such as caregivers or new parents. In this way you can use a similar format to reach a variety of individuals by meeting their specific needs.

Inspirational Thought

Everyone likes a feel good story or moving words. Like the devotional but perhaps less structured - find a regular opportunity to offer up words or stories that inspire. Whether you pull your inspiration from your community, famous quotes, or even Biblical figures, you can offer a regular good new story in a time when so much bad news is filling the airwaves. 

Topical Q&A 

It seems like there is an endless number of people searching for answers to societal, cultural, or spiritual questions. These questions are tough to tackle in a sermon. In fact, if they are in your sermon, it’s probably a few minutes out of a longer message. But if you have an entire space built out for these specific questions, you open up an exciting new way for your parishioners to get answers (or insights) into their most burning questions. 

Children’s Story

If you go this route, keep it short and exciting! Kids love hearing adults tell stories. If you have a youth leader, this is a way to tap into their energy and understanding of the age groups. If not, the thing to keep in mind is even when you go the Biblical story route, energy and comedy drive children’s engagement.  

Bible 101

Maybe you have a group of parishioners that are new to their faith and don’t know quite where to begin. New believers can sometimes feel inadequate with their lack of Bible knowledge compared to peers who seem to pull a Bible quote up for any life situation. Take this space to explore some of the most reliable passages, explore a single Book of the Bible, or take a journey from Old Testament to New. Just make sure you are saving all your recordings so you can share them out to your parishioners who might not be using the dial in option. 

Deeper Lessons in Theology and History

Some people really love exploring the history of the Bible. Create a regular class for the more experienced believer and introduce them to some of the historic context or experiences of early Christianity. 

Get to Know a Neighbour

A fun way to build your church community could be by taking a weekly time out with a member of your congregation and allow them to share a bit of their story - whether it is a story of faith, struggle, hope, or resilience, or even how they are coping in the lockdown. Start with members of your congregation you know best and conduct a short 3-5 question interview that allows them to share a bit of their story and offer your other congregants a chance to better know one another. 

While these are just a few ideas, the possibilities are endless. Getting creative with your phone line and coming up with engaging content is a new opportunity for your digital church journey. With 100 mbt of space on our platform, we are here to support you and your content along the way. 

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