3. Connecting to a PA System

If you want to connect your P.A. system to the camera for streaming, you would still keep the receiver on the camera, but you will use the included adapters and additional cables to plug in the transmitter to your audio mixing desk.

Guidelines for Connecting to Your P.A.

First, when connecting to your P.A. system, it's important to plug the transmitter into a headphone output only, and not a general output. It is best to ensure that the volume levels are OK and all the devices on your P.A. system are transmitting audio to the headphone output. 

If you have questions regarding this, we recommend you work with the person responsible for your P.A. system. Let them know you need to plug a separate device into the headphone output to use this device to transmit sound to the camera.

You may need to make some minor adjustments to the volume and output levels on your P.A. system or your mixer. But it is important not to plug in the transmitter to a line level output or an amplified output. This will send too much current into the transmitter and it will cause it damage. So please be careful with this.

It's also important to ensure the transmitter does not fall behind a desk somewhere and that it has as much line of sight to the receiver as possible.

General Best Practices for Connections

If your P.A. system or your mixing desk is behind thick walls or located in another room, we recommend purchasing an additional cable. This will allow you to plug in the transmitter up to five meters away from your audio room, but still transmit high-quality audio.

You can purchase this cable here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ZWZHPZQ/

Because each church is unique and each mixing desk is unique, we do not have dedicated guides for specific models or scenarios. However, if you are having trouble getting this set up, please send a message to our support team and we will do our best to get you sending your P.A or audio system through to a live streams via the Mevo camera and the Rode Wireless Go Kit.

Testing Your Audio

When you have connected the transmitter to your audio mixing desk or your P.A. system, we highly recommend carrying the receiver with you and doing audio tests. This involves you either putting on your normal headset, your normal lavalier mic, or standing at a fixed mic and conducting normal audio levels.

This does not mean saying "testing, testing one, two" as that is not the correct audio level. Instead, simulate delivering a sermon. Stand at the microphone and say "hello everyone and welcome to this service".  During this test, look at the audio level on the receiver. You want to carry the receiver with you and speak into your normal headset clip-on or podium microphone and ensure that the audio levels are bouncing in the orange, but not quite going into the red.

  • If the audiometers are not moving when you're using the microphones in your system, it could mean you have an issue with the connection. 
  • If the audiometers are very low, you can simply turn up that output volume, i.e. the headphone volume level. 
  • If the levels are way too high and always going into the red, you will need to turn it down. 

Again, because of the different situations in each church and systems, if you are having trouble with this and you do not have somebody internally on your team, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you in this matter. 

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