2. Mounting and Connecting

To optimise your live stream set up for stability and to reduce disturbances, here are a few tips on mounting and connecting your transmitter and receiver

Mounting the Receiver

Included in the Faith Online Live Streaming Kit is a small amount of Velcro. You can use this to attach the receiver to the tripod to it remains steady when in use. 

  1. Remove the protective covering and attach the "hook" of the velcro (which is the rough side) to the ball head adapter on your tripod
  2. Repeat with the "loop" of the velcro (the soft side) on the back of the receiver
  3. Attach the receiver to the tripod 

Connecting the Audio

To connect the audio system to the Mevo camera:

  1. Attach the receiver to the tripod 
  2. Plug the red audio cable into the receiver
  3. Plug in the other end of the cable to the Mevo camera. 

Next you will go into the Mevo app to validate the connection.

  1. Tap the three dots located at the bottom right of the app to open the app Menu 
  2. Tap to select the Microphone menu option

3. Check the interface to ensure Line Level (Stereo) is the selected input

Connecting the Microphone to the Speaker

You have two mic options with the kit: to clip the transmitter itself onto your clothing or to connect a lavalier mic.

To Connect the Lavalier

  1. Use the included cable to plug the lavalier mic into the transmitter
  2. Feed the line through your clothing to keep it hidden
  3. Attach the lavalier mic to the collar or lapel of your shirt or jacket
  4. Clip the transmitter to your belt or back of your clothing to keep it secure and out of the way

You can also just attach the transmitter to your collar with no additional microphones and this too will send through audio to the camera.

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