1. Audio Introduction

The audio solution for our Faith Online Live Streaming Kit is the Rode Wireless Go. This is a wireless audio transmission kit that comes in two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. 

As the two devices are quite similar here is a simple hack to tell the difference between the two. The receiver has display on the front and the transmitter has two LED lights on the top.

About the Transmitter

The transmitter has a built-in microphone. With this you can easily clip the microphone onto your clothing and use it as a wireless microphone. The Faith Online Live Streaming Kit also includes a lavalier mic which you can plug in to the transmitter or any other input device. Using these two devices together allows you to hide the microphone, keep the transmitter on you and wirelessly transmit your audio. 

The transmitter has a USB Type-C charging port and a belt clip on the back. To switch the transmitter On, you simply press and hold the button located on the bottom of the device and the LED lights will light up.

About the Receiver

The receiver also has a USB Type-C socket and an audio output to connect it to your camera. The power button is located on the top. Pressing and holding the button will switch on the receiver.

On the bottom of the receiver there are two buttons. Pressing the button on the left will adjust the audio output levels from the receiver in three different levels. Please note that it is not affecting the input volume level, just the audio that leaves the receiver here. So if the audio levels here are moving, fine, then you can tap the DB button down here to adjust the output level and ensure the camera is getting the correct level.

When both the transmitter and the receiver are on, the display will show the battery percentage of the receiver as RX and the transmitter as TX, a wireless symbol which shows that two devices are connected and an audiometer, which allows you to see how much audio is coming in.


You want to always ensure that the audiometer is mostly bouncing into the yellow area and it hovers mostly in the upper green area and does not go into the red. If it is going into the red, it means that your audio input is too loud. On the other hand, if it's not quite going anywhere, your audio level is too quiet.

If for any reason the audio is crackly or there are break ups in the audio, you can press and hold the sync button at the bottom on the right. With both devices on, pressing and holding will inform the devices to search for a new frequency channel for them to use. And once they have re-synchronised, the display will resume and it will show the volume level coming through again.

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