Mevo App - 8. Optimising the Image

Adjust Image Settings

If you find that the image your audience views is too bright or too dark, or maybe the colors just look odd, you can adjust the image to your desired preferences.

Tap the More Options icon (•••) in the bottom right-hand corner of your app select the Image Adjustment icon, which is a symbol with the three circles. 

The menu will open in the lower third of the live edit view. The menu consists of two rows; the bottom row includes presets with the top row includes individual image settings. Swipe each row to the left to see further options.

The presets are located on the left of the menu. These options include: 

  • Stage: For situations when you have large amounts of light projecting onto you
  • Backlit: If you have windows behind you or windows up to the side that are brightening the scene behind you.
  • Outdoors: For natural lighting and outdoor settings.
  • Colour settings you can apply: 
    • High Contrast
    • Flat
    • Black White
    • Vivid
    • Sepia

Because each church is unique there isn't a one size fits all option. We recommend you take some time to manually adjust the settings in your camera and check to make sure that you have the best quality image.

The key ones to look out for would be 

  • Exposure: This setting is used to compensate for environments with contrasting lighting conditions (stage with spotlights, etc.) 
  • Brightness: change the overall brightness in the scene 
  • Contrast: adjust shadows and crispness of the scene
  • Saturation: be careful here, it is easy to over-saturate an image and make it look almost too colourful.
  • HDR Mode: enriches the image slightly

We suggest testing these and finding the best settings that work for you, for most customers, simply being on Normal mode would provide a good enough image.

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