Mevo App - 2. Key Camera Settings

Optimise Your Camera Settings

There are various ways to configure and customize your Mevo. Before you get started, there are a few settings that we recommend you modify. These settings will give you a smooth experience and provide you some peace of mind in case anything goes wrong during your live stream. You can change your settings to your own preference at any point in time.

To change settings on the Mevo camera:

1. Tap the More Options icon (...) in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. 

2. A footer menu displays. Select the Gear icon (again in the bottom right-hand corner)

At the top of your screen you will get an overview of the camera. You can rename the camera by tapping the pencil icon in Android. You can see the Wi-Fi network, the battery percentage, and how much space is left on your memory card.

The settings we want to adjust are under Audio & Video. Tap into Audio & Video to begin. 

First, set the "frame rate" to "25FPS" under recording settings by clicking Frame Rate and selecting the radio button marked 25.

You can leave the Automatic backup recording on. This ensures you will have a recording of your video if for any reason your Internet goes down during the live stream or you have some other Internet troubles. This recording of your live stream will be available on the micro SD card.

To access these recordings, remove the micro SD card and use your SD card reader (likely your laptop) to upload the video file to your desired destination such as the Faith Online platform, your website, or a platform like YouTube or Facebook later on.

Zoom Settings

On Android there is a setting for Editing. On iOS you may find this under Advanced Settings. Within there are two settings, "maximum zoom" and "default tap zoom". If you intend to stream in full HD. We recommend lowering both of these values down to "1.6" for "maximum zoom" as also for "default tap zoom".

The camera has a slight digital zoom which allows it to zoom in without losing quality and/or adding any noticeable distortion to the video. However, there is a limit to how far it can zoom without degradation. By setting this number lower, you prevent the camera from zooming too far, ensuring you always have high quality live streams.

Mevo Settings

Back out of Audio & Video and return to the main Settings menu, then locate Mevo settings. Here, you can set a password for your camera. This will keep your video secure by preventing unauthorised access. Without a password, anyone can download the Mevo app, scan for a Mevo camera, and potentially connect to them.

Please note that this would not happen when your phone is connected to the Mevo camera as the camera may only connect to one device at a time. 

Next select Mevo button to set the power button to perform an action. Typically when you press and hold the power button, it will switch the camera on and off. By using this setting you can configure it so you can tap the power button quickly once to trigger a separate action. Your options are:

  • Record to the SD card. With this setting, you can start a recording on the first tap of the button, and stop recording on the second tap. 
  • Stream. If you set this option to stream, when you switch on the camera and then you quickly tap the button on the back, the camera will attempt to live stream using the last settings it used.

If you select the Stream option, you need to ensure you are in the same location with the same Wi-Fi details as the previous stream. 

We recommend setting this option to Record only. This allows you to set up the camera, switch it on, tap the button quickly once, and you could start to record yourself. Later on you can get the videos off of the SD card.

If you select Record, we recommend you also navigate to Auto Wide on App Disconnect in the Mevo settings. This option ensures that if you are zoomed in when you switch off the camera, it will automatically zoom all the way out. By doing this, the camera isn't going to remember it was zoomed in previously when you tap Record and default to record the whole picture.

An additional feature further down in Mevo Settings to Auto Turn Off, this will turn off the camera after 15 minutes of inactivity. We highly recommend keeping this setting On as this will ensure that if you ever forget to turn off the camera, the battery does not drain unexpectedly. 

Storage Settings

Coming back out of the Mevo settings, you now have the option to manage your Storage settings. Here you can format your SD card. If your memory card is new, we recommend formatting the SD card. This will ensure that the SD card has the correct files and settings on it to provide smooth recording.

NDI Mode Settings

Scroll down the settings to a section called NDI Mode. NDI Mode allows you to transmit the video feed of your camera wirelessly over your local network to another machine. We use this mode when we are connecting multiple Mevo cameras to a desktop or laptop computer and adding in additional graphics or video output from your media system. 

To switch NDI Mode on, simply tap the toggle, at which point the light on the camera will stay red. Please note you cannot live stream at the same time NDI Mode is on. Either you stream locally on your Wi-Fi network to a computer using a piece of software or you stream directly from the camera via your local Wi-Fi to YouTube or Facebook.

Wired Webcam Mode Settings

Currently, this mode is in beta. Wired Webcam Mode allows you to connect the camera via the included USB cable for use as a webcam in your computer system. This means that if you don't have a webcam on your desktop computer or the quality of the webcam in your laptop is extremely poor, then you can still use your Mevo camera to increase the quality. This is great if you want to have meetings or you want to record videos directly to your laptop. But again, this is a mode which is in beta and the resolution is fairly low.

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