Mevo App - 1. Connecting to the Camera

Introduction to the Mevo App

The first thing that you may notice about your Mevo streaming camera is that it does not have a display screen. For you to see what your camera is seeing, Mevo have come up with an app that you will need to download and install as you get your camera out of the box. 

Download and Installation

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

First search for "Mevo 2.0" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the download and installation instructions. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you need to open it. 

As a note: there are minor differences in the experience between iOS and Android software. We will point out these differences as they come up.

Connecting Your New Mevo to Wifi

When you set up a new Mevo, you will start by configuring the device. 

On the back of every Mevo camera, there is a serial number. This serial number will display in the app (in our case Mevo-22GLF) and ensure you detect and configure the correct Mevo camera. If you have multiple Mevo cameras, each one will display individually and you can work out which one you want to control.

There are two buttons you can select: Configure Phone or Configure Mevo. Since this is a new Mevo, the first step is to connect it to our local Wi-Fi network. Tap Configure Mevo. The phone will then ask you to connect to your Wi-Fi network. On iOS, it may ask you to enter the network information manually.

Once you've entered the network password, tap Connect to connect your Mevo to your wifi. When the Mevo has successfully connected, return to your home screen by clicking the Back button.

Notice the button that previously said Configure Phone now says Connect. On the bottom of the home screen you can see that camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network and the battery percentage is one hundred percent. Tap Connect.

Run the App Update

The first time you connect to the camera, there will be a firmware update available. Luckily, firmware updates do not take too long to install, generally less than three minutes or up to five minutes. We recommend you complete this installation before moving forward to take advantage of the better software stability and any new features. 

If you are about to live stream and go live, you can skip the update. If you are new to Mevo we suggest you complete the tutorial and learn how to use the app before immediately running a live stream. 

During the update, the white light on the front of the camera will pulsate and the lights on the back of the camera will flash in a sequence. This lets you know that the camera is currently busy and updating. During this time do not switch off the camera. If the camera battery is low, the app will notify you to charge the camera before you start the update process. 

When the firmware update is complete, the camera will beep multiple times, letting you know that it's about to restart. The message in the app will change to "Mevo is now restarting."

If your phone displays an error message that it lost the connection with the Mevo camera, simply tap OK and it will attempt to pair again with the camera.

With the update complete, tap Connect which will allow you to connect to the camera and control it.

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