Mevo App - 9. Going Live

Get Ready to Record or Go Live 

When you have made all of your adjustments and are ready to record or live stream with the Mevo system, tap the large Red button in the bottom left hand corner of the app. This will provide you with a choice of destinations for your recording or live stream.

The first icon is the SD card. This will allow you to just do a recording on the SD card.

You can also integrate directly with Facebook, YouTube or other streaming services directly, but please note that this will allow you to only live stream to one destination at a time.

There is an optional add on within the Mevo ecosystem that allows you to pay a monthly fee to live stream to multiple destinations. However, please note that streaming to multiple destinations will use more bandwidth on your Internet.

Live Stream to Multiple Destinations with the Faith Online Platform

If you want to live stream to the Faith Online Platform, which allows you to live stream to YouTube, Facebook, our two-way Meetings and your phone line simultaneously: 

  1. Tap the RTMP button and then tap New RTMP
  2. Name your output Faith Online 
  3. Input the Server URL: rtmp://
  4. Input your unique Stream Key located in your Faith Online Stream Settings

If you want to find out how to discover your Faith Online Server URL and Stream Key, you can find these details in the Faith Online Platform tutorials. As a reminder, if you've already covered this video, navigate to your Faith Online Account > Settings > Stream

Once you have your URL and stream key from your Faith Online account, you will then see that Faith Online has been added as a new destination.

You can opt to Record at the same time as you live stream to Faith Online. Just remember if you have the setting to automatically back up your stream, you do not need to select Record at this time. 

Going Live

Once you have selected your live stream destination, the Go Live button is ready to click.

Before you start, quickly check the text at the top of your screen. You will see either "1080p" or "720p". This is where you can change your streaming resolution.

  • Use 1080p if you have Internet with an upload speed of more than 8Mbps
  • Use 720p if it is around 5Mbps, or even lower for slower Internet. 
  • Once you ready simply tap on "Go Live" and the broadcast will begin.

Your screen will now display the areas you are recording. In the bottom left-hand corner the red button will start spinning. This lets you know that it's starting to connect to the server. Do not begin speaking until this process has completed. Once you are connected, you will see a solid red dot and a timer.

Tapping on the timer will expand it outwards and you can see how much Internet is being used, how much memory card space is being used, and the current battery percentage.

Ending Your Stream

To stop the stream tap on the red button and slide it to stop. 

Once you have stopped the stream, it will ask you if you want to save the recording to the SD card, you can either leave this enabled or not and then tap Done

When you have completed your live stream, you can simply exit out of the application, switch off the camera, switch off any other devices and plug them all in, ensuring that everything is charged and ready for your next stream.

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