Mevo App - 7. Audio Settings

Manage Your Audio Settings

The Mevo app has a built-in Audio Mixer that allows you to control audio levels from various sources as well as the overall audio output.

To adjust the audio levels in the Mevo system, tap the More Options icon (...) in the bottom right hand corner and select the Microphone icon. 

Using the Built-In Microphones

If you don't have external audio devices connected, you can configure the built-in microphones located on the top of the Mevo camera.

There is an "automatic gain control" which will adjust the volume levels for you depending on the audio the camera detects coming in. You can also turn this setting off to manually adjust the volume levels as you need.

Using the External Microphones

If you have an external input plugged in, the Audio Mixer page will change slightly and allow you to adjust the level of the input devices.

If you want to hear the audio that's coming in, there is the speaker icon in the top right hand corner, which will play back the audio through your device.

We recommend either using headphones - wired or Bluetooth - to ensure that you avoid a feedback loop by having the audio on and feeding back into the camera.

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