Mevo App - 6. Camera Assistant

Camera Assistant

The Mevo app has camera assistant features that help you control your shot when you have to be hands off so you can have dynamic footage even when you are recording or streaming solo.

To use the Camera Assistant, tap the More Options icon (...), This opens up the additional menu options.

The first option is an eye with the letter "A" inside it. This is the camera assistant. The camera assistant has several modes:

  • Autopilot: use the slider on the right to vary how fast or slow the autopilot goes.
  • Find Faces: camera assistant detects faces and, when selected, will follow the face as it moves.

Using Autopilot when Flying Solo

Autopilot will use your saved shots, including the wide shot, and will try to detect where there is a movement in the frame. When it detects movement, it will move the camera to that shot. This feature is not super intelligent, but it will try to detect where things are and navigate to that area.

If you have set Autopilot to its maximum level (the bunny, because the bunny is always faster than the tortoise), it will navigate between the shots fairly rapidly. You could slow this down and the autopilot will navigate at a slower speed between shots.

This is particularly helpful if you are live streaming by yourself and you want to include a wider variety of shots, perhaps one more zoomed in and one more zoomed out

Smart Face Finding for Dynamic Tracking

With Find Faces, the Mevo Camera Assistant detects a face and highlights this with a circle on the app that will display around the face in the shot. If you tap on the circle, the camera will try to follow the person as they move around.

This is helpful. If you want to move around slightly and you don't want the camera to be in a fixed position.

You can also tap on the icon and switch this feature off.

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