Mevo App - 5. Saving Static Shot Selections

      Save Shot Selections

      While in Live Editing View, you can cut between multiple saved shots. To create a shot selection, simply press and hold your finger on the screen and it will display four options.

      Drag your finger over the plus symbol and release to save that shot. 

      Multiple Shot Selection

      You can create and cut between multiple saved shots for future use, such as when you might want a close-up of different people's faces.

      To cut to a close-up of a subject in your shot, tap on the desired subject. Tap and hold until you see a white box. As you like you can drag your finger to adjust the shot prior to cutting or use a second finger to adjust the size of the crop. Release to take the shot live. Repeat and adjust your gestures to save multiple shots. 

      This is great if you want to set up several shots without having to always move your finger on the screen to find the right angle.

      View Static Shots

      If you tap the six dots in the bottom right-hand corner, you can view the grid of your static shots. Tap on any of the selections to use it as the selected output.

      If you are currently not live or recording, it will highlight them in a blue border. If you are live and recording, it will highlight them in a red box.

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