Mevo App - 3. Getting Started

Mevo App Recording Display Overview

Mevo's app is extremely user friendly and simple to use. In this tutorial we will give a brief overview of the main display area.

In the upper right-hand corner, you will see there is a small window. Tapping on the window will expand it and will show you the output. This is what you are broadcasting (or recording)to your audience.

To the right are the volume meters. These will move up and down with the incoming audio. If the volume meters are too high and flashing red, the audio levels are too high and you need to turn down the volume on the input.

If the audio meters at the bottom and barely go above halfway, this means that your audio is too low and people watching or listening online will have difficulty hearing your voice.

Tap this upper right-hand corner output window will shrink it down again.

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