Camera Hardware - 1. Introduction to the Mevo Camera

The Mevo start is a fully wireless, HD camera that allows you to live stream from anywhere.

On the front of the camera is a status light. This changes colour depending on the status of the camera and lets you know at a glance if the camera is ready or live streaming.

On the back of the camera there are several indicators and inputs:

  • Battery: Four white LEDs indicate your battery level. Each light represents approximately 25% battery life so that when the first light goes out, you have a little less than 75% battery life remaining.
  • Microphone jack: Located below the battery light. This jack allows you to connect an external audio device as the audio input for your live stream.
  • USB Type-C socket: This is the charging port for the camera
  • Micro SD card slot. Push and click a micro SD card with the colours face-down

Along the top of the camera is the built-in microphone. These are three separate microphones that pick up audio in the absence of external audio devices. This allows you to use the camera without external audio connections. Please note that although there are three microphones, that quality is not the highest. They will pick up reasonable audio from the room, but they will also pick up a lot of echo and may potentially have lots of background noise in the stream. Which is why we included a high-quality audio system in the kit. 

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