3. Using the Phone Mount & Spreader Bar for Self-Recording

Set Up for Self-Recording

What do you do when you are in a situation where you have to play the role of both the speaker and the videographer? For small churches this is especially likely to happen. The tool for this situation is the spreader bar that we've included in the Faith Online Live Streaming Kit. 

With the spreader bar you can simultaneously mount the camera and phone on the tripod. 

Mounting the Phone and Camera

Start by attaching the spreader bar onto the ball head of the tripod. It screws easily into place. 

Using the phone mount included in your kit, you can attach your phone into one side of the spreader bar. On the other side of the spreader bar is a space to attach your camera. 

Insert your phone into the phone mount and use it as a viewfinder for the Mevo app when you are recording a video of yourself.

We suggest this set up only when you want to film or record yourself so you can focus on delivering your message rather than monitoring your stream. 

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