1. The Tripod

An Introduction to the Tripod

One necessary thing for any camera is a good tripod to keep your shots and scene stable. Which is why the Faith Online Live Streaming Kits includes a compact, portable tripod. 

Because the tripod and Mevo camera are both small, you have the flexibility to set them up without blocking the view for your congregation, allowing you to place the camera close to your speaker for a more natural, mid-range shot. It also includes an adjustable ball head, which can help you set the angle and view of your shot. 

Configuration and Set Up

The tripod is very easy to extend, simply fold out the legs and place it on the ground. 

To pack and fold it back you will need to pull the small red safety tab on each leg to unlock the device. Pull on the tab so you can fold the leg up while holding the tab to extend the tripod upwards.

To extend the tripod when it it set up, use one or more of the three clasps on the side of the tripod pole. Pull to open the clasp and release the extender. Pull the pole to your desired height, and use the clasp to lock it in place. 

When you are ready to pack up, unclasp the clip release the pressure to slide the pole back into place, and lock it back up again. 

Add stability to the tripod where there may be crowds or additional movement. Using an anchor hook located in the base of the tripod, you can hang a weight that will more securely keep the camera in place in case it is jostled. You can hang either a small bag filled with sand or stones, or you can other heavy object you may have on hand. 

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