4. Audio Cutting In and Out

If your audio is choppy or cutting in and out, it is most likely that there is some interference in the wireless audio kit.
It is best to ensure the Rode Transmitter and the Rode Receiver are in the same room.
If they are not, we recommend using a longer cable to connect the Transmitter to your Mixing Desk or PA System.
Our recommended cable can be purchased from Amazon in various lengths up to 5 meters. It is a 1/4" Jack (6.35mm) to 3.5mm Jack cable.
The link is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ZWZHPZQ/

We do not recommend purchasing any random cable. They need to have a high level of shielding with good quality components.
The one linked above has been tested, abused, cut open and directed by our team to verify its quality. Others may make similar claims, but can not promise the same performance.

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