Use Online Meetings for Youth Groups

When you think about hosting youths online, especially ones that might be "zoomed" out from online learning, the focus needs to be on how to create a fun experience that also brings them closer to their faith.

Ideas for Online Youth Groups

There are numerous ways you can engage with youth of different ages through secure, password-enabled meetings.

Use Games for Bonding

Simple classics you can play on any video system are things like Charades or even Pictionary (especially using the annotation tool built into the Meetings app). 

With Charades, acting out something without using any words, is ideal for a setting where everyone is already watching everyone else. Pictionary creates the same fun and engaging atmosphere with drawings. Using both themes in popular culture and Bible lessons you can keep your youths engaged and encouraged.

Reading and Crafting

For a younger crowd. reading a story together and doing a craft that everyone can participate in can normalise the experience of doing youth group in a socially distanced manner. When you set up the event, make sure to let parents know what types of materials they may need.

Stream a Movie or Video Together

Youths enjoy the shared experience of media consumption. You can choose a streaming program and use your meetings app to screenshare so everyone can watch together. Allow for chat but maybe disable talking to make sure everyone can hear your video.

Do a Prayer Circle

Each person goes around and prays for what is going on in their lives. This shared experience will work best with a youth group that has had a little time to bond since praying outloud makes some feel vulnerable.

Set Up Regular Meetings

Just as you would with in-person youth groups, setting a regular schedule is really essential for stability and increased attendance.

Open up your Faith Online account and get scheduling:

  1. Click Meetings from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your account
  2. Click Create a new meeting
  3. Enter the event information and give your attendees as much information as possible in the Event Description section.
  4. Make it private. You will be able to share the URL with potential attendees while also making sure you mind the security of the children.
  5. Set the Event destinations. This allows you to host the youth group both in-person and as a two-way meeting.

You can learn more about event scheduling in our platform in our Events Module training.

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