Use Meetings for Bible Study

As a faith leader, you can still help your congregation understand the Bible and grow closer to God, even from afar. One way to do this is by using the Faith Online Meetings app to host regular Bible study. 

Create On-Demand Bible Studies

By keeping the group open to members of your parish (near and far) you can offer the flexibility of participating whenever their schedule allows. The key is in creating regularity that your parishioners can count on.

Come up with a Theme

While you may be hosting something that doesn't require your attendees to attend each session, it is helpful for two reasons to come up with a theme:

  1. Sticking with the theme is useful for those who may visit the content as recordings, should you decide to offer that
  2. Themes help in planning and laying out a roadmap so you are not faced with the challenge of "what to talk about" each week.

Set Up Regular Meetings

Once you've decided to host a regular Bible study, set up your calendar for the next month or so. Choose the day and time you can easily commit to for a six-week+ period.

Open up your Faith Online account and get scheduling:

  1. Click Meetings from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your account
  2. Click Create a new meeting
  3. Enter the event information and give your attendees as much information as possible in the Event Description section.
  4. Set the Event destinations. This allows you to host the Bible Study both in-person and as a two-way meeting.

You can learn more about event scheduling in our platform in our Events Module training.

Invite your Congregation

  1. Use the event URL to send a message to your congregation that there is an event for them to attend
  2. Post the URL on Facebook and in your email or newsletter
  3. Embed your Events calendar on your website so new attendees can find out how to join you.

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