Introduction to Studio

With Faith Online, you can live stream to your events in various different ways if you have dedicated live streaming equipment, hardware or software, you will need your server yourself and stream key, which can be obtained via going to your settings page in your account, selecting stream and copying the details from there.

If, however, you do not have dedicated hardware or you wish to live stream without needing to set up some hardware, you can do so by visiting the studio page in your Faith Online account.

If there is an event due to start in the next 15 minutes, it will automatically load up the studio page. However, if you don't have an event due to start in 15 minutes, it will ask you to first create a new event.

In the studio page, you will see all of the information about the event, including its title and description. The settings related to starting with the signal and whether it's private, the destinations and any other pertinent information, you can also edit the information from here before you go live.

You will also find the link to preview the public page again, this is a page that can be shared freely with your congregation to allow them to join into the events in any way they wish.

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