View and Manage Your Usage and Subscription

You can view and manage your current Faith Online platform plan in your account Settings. Here you can:

  • View how much time remains on your current plan
  • Upgrade your account
  • Update billing information
  • View your billing history

If you are on a Trial account, see your current usage against your maximum allowances. To subscribe click the Change Plan button.

If you have a paid plan and wish to upgrade, simply click the Upgrade button and select the plan that works for your church. 

You can also decide if you want to change your account from a Monthly plan to Annual account and reduce your overall annual cost by two-months.

If you are interested in only having the Phone line service, scroll to the bottom of the Pricing page and you will see the section with a link to view the phone line pricing.

If you have a coupon or discount code, make sure to click to add the code at the bottom of the page before you click on the Upgrade now button.The pricing you see on the next page will be reflective of any discounts or coupons that you have.

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