Access Your Stream Key & Server URL

When setting up your Faith Online account to live stream from live streaming kits, such as the Faith Online live streaming kit with the camera, or using other software such as OBS, you will need a stream key and a server.

Your live  stream URL is a unique web address, which carries your live audio stream every time you broadcast. Your stream key is the code used to identify the source of audio/video streaming, in order to show the stream in a website or software over the Web.

To access this information in Faith Online:

  • navigate to your account Settings.
  • Tap the Stream tab
  • Scroll to Stream Settings
  • Copy the Server URL and Stream key to your software of choice.

Please note this stream key does not change and it should not be shared outside of your organisation or team. In the event that someone external gets hold of your stream key, they can stream to your Faith Online account, thus also enabling streaming to YouTube and Facebook.

If you are concerned that your stream key has been leaked, you can come to your Settings page and click Reset Stream Key. This will generate a new stream key which you can copy into your software.

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