Manage Your Stream Settings

Find all the important codes, descriptions, and settings so you can stream and embed events to your website in your Faith Online settings. 

Stream Settings:

Embed Events Code: This code allows you to embed your events calendar into your website or a specific web page. You paste this code into the HTML of your page so your full calendar of upcoming events can display for your congregation. This allows individuals to see when you are hosting services or other meetings and events, as well as register for in-person services.Default Stream information

Stream Settings: The stream server URL and key are used when you you set up your set up your streams in your camera or OBS. We have more training on this here

Default Stream Name and Description: This is the detailed information that will display if you go live with an unscheduled event. You can include details about your church, how to get in touch, and other general information you'd like to share with your attendees to unscheduled events. 

CCLI Streaming License: Protect yourself and your live streams by including your registered CCLI license for the music you may use in your services. By checking the box and entering your license number your videos will automatically include this information on streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

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